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Every plant you find at TMK Nursery was locally grown in Ohio on our 300-acre land. This means that no matter which tree, shrub, or flower you purchase it’s been acclimated to Ohio and is ready to be transplanted in your landscape. Our extensive inventory includes over 20,000 plants of all different varieties and sizes. No matter if you’re looking for a small shrub, a 20-foot tree, or a beautiful flowering bush, we’re sure to have something in stock that fits your needs.



Flowering Shrubs

Inside Our Nursery Stock

With over 20,000 plants in stock at any given time, we’re sure to have the tree, shrub, or flower you’re looking for. Our availability is updated regularly so you can call and double check at any time!

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Call 330-947-8733 to ask about our plants and to see if our inventory has what you want.